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    • All-purpose V-CUT PCB Separator SM-4000

      1. Pneumatically driven and electric control , sample design. There have sensor device in the machine ,cuttting board one time with lowest cut stresses . SM-4000 apply for separate precise SMD PCBA or thin plates.

      2. The straight knife type separator machines were designed to separate pre-scored panel boards carefully, without bending or tension stress. Even sensitive SMD-components like ceramic capacitors will not be damaged by the separate process,improve products quality .

      3. Due to the special design of the blade ,boards with high components placed close to the edges can be separated safely. Based on a proven method of separating, wedge-shaped knives are used to cut the panels within the groove. This enables boards of less than 1 mm thickness to be separated safely and without creating stress.


      1, No vibration during the process to prevent damage to precise PCB

      2,Gap for insertion of the board can easily be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob in the top side of the machine, low friction design is applied.

      3,Lower knife height adjustable, the front and real portion can be adjusted separately. No thin plates are required after re-sharpening the knife.

      4,Operation and maintenance can be done also by unskilled personnel

    • Power Voltage: 90~240VAC

      Air pressure: 5Kgs/cm2

      Output : 12.5 ton(Gross)

      Part-Up height: 39mm (max)

      Part-Down height : 19mm (max)

      Effective length: 350mm,

      PCB thickness: 0.1mm~1.0mm (without v-grooved )

      Weight : 170kg

      Upper blade: 350mm(L)*58mm(W)*7mm(T)

      lower blade: 360mm(L)*39mm(W)*7mm(T)

      cut running: 350mm

      protect times : 200000 times ,can abrade 3-4 times

      Machine dimension: 500mm*650mm*1050mm


    Contact Uslol博彩

    Add: 1 Floor, 13 Building, HongFa Industrial Park, Tangtou Road 91, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China


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