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    • Features:  

      •  Used for cleaning solder paste, glue,etc

      •  Stainless steel canbinet with good reliability and can resisit any hurt by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.

      •  Completely pneumatic operating without fire risk.

      •  Cleaning in closed-loop which make lowest cleaning solvent consumption

      •  Equipped with high precision tri-filtering system

      •  Special design on air exhaust can reduce cleaning chemistry consumption

      •  Good  adaptability for compressor air(only 0.45Mpa could run )

      •  Cleaning and drying process can be easily control with one-button operation.
    • Application stencil,glue screen ,copper screen
      Application stencil size Standard 29 inch and below
      Clean liquid capacity Max 50L ,Min 20 L
      Cleaning fluid volume 40L
      Cleaning mothed  Rotary double side pressure injection and high pressure air praying ( cleaning and drying )
      Clean time 2~4 min(stencil and copper net)
      Rinse time 2~4 min(stencil and copper net )
      Dry time 2~5 min
      External air supply 0.4Mpa~0.6Mpa
      Air consumption 400~600L/Min*2
      Air outlet size Φ125*25mm
      Weight  320Kg
      Dimension  980mm(L)*700mm(W)*1730mm(H)
      Tin filter mothed Three class filter(10μm,5μm,1μm)


    Contact Uslol博彩

    Add: 1 Floor, 13 Building, HongFa Industrial Park, Tangtou Road 91, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China


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